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BeraKor Inc. / Rapid Rodd

Rapid Rodd Stainless Steel Mixer

The Rapid Rodd is designed to fit into any electric drill. When rotated quickly, the Rapid Rodd creates a vortex similar to a cyclone. The middle of the container is dry and the cyclone action rapidly blends everything in its path.

Cleanup is a snap. The simplicity in design allows for cleanup in seconds.

  • Mixes Almost ANYTHING In Seconds
  • Easy Hands Free Cleanup
  • No Sharp Blades
  • Won't Cut Through Plastic Pails
  • Mixes To The Bottom & Corners

I was skeptical that RAPID RODD would work. I dug out an old can of paint that was badly separated. After using RAPID RODD for a few seconds, the paint looked like it was new! I was so excited, I started to look for more things to mix. RAPID RODD really works!

T. Bennett, CA


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